Wet Wipes Packaging Gets Decorative for the Home

There’s no doubt that when a consumer can see a product, they will use it more often.

Many wet wipes companies are taking this idea to heart and are rolling out new packaging solutions that encourage consumers to leave them out, not tucked away in a drawer or cabinet.

Huggies Designer Tub

Last week it was announced that the Huggies Designer Tub by Kimberly-Clark won the 2014 Product of the Year award in the Baby Care category from the Product of the Year USA group, which is an award given by consumers. The Designer Tub comes in a variety of appealing colors and patterns, and the tub can be left flat on the ground, like the traditional baby wipes tub, or can stand up on it’s side.


Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes Dispenser

It seems that personal care wipes aren’t just for babies anymore. We continue to see flushable moist wipes for adults on retail shelves. Cottonelle recently launched a sleek container meant to stand on the back of a toilet. The departure from the traditional baby-wipes-style tub provides discretion and invites the package to be left out for regular use.


Picasso Wipes Dispenser

Perimeter Brand Packaging provides CPGs with a sleek oval tub for wet wipes called Picasso. The package is a visually appealing tub for wipes that encourages the consumers to leave the wipes out so they are always within reach. Picasso is an ideal solution for beauty or personal care wipes. The full-color in-mold label allows for core brand reinforcement, as well as seasonally themed patterns.

To learn more about Picasso click here.

Currently we’re seeing a lot of packaging differentiation in the baby wipes and cleaning wipes space when it comes to structural innovation. Would you leave wet wipes out to use within your bathroom? Or do you prefer them to be put away?