Treats to Go! Dog Bones Packaging Gets Mobile

On the Go Dog Treat Dispenser

Big Heart Treats to Go Dispensers at PetSmart in Pup-Peroni, Milkbone, and Nature’s Recipe


We all know the phrase see Spot run. Even the youngest of children know that dogs are always on the go.

With daily walks, and the occasional trip to parks, hikes, or errands around town, consumers that own dogs are regularly away from home with their pet. Many of them choose to bring dog treats with them, as a reward or training tool.

Recognizing this large consumer sector, Big Heart Pet Brands recently launched a new on the go pet treat dispenser with PetSmart. The hand-held dispenser has a re-closable lid that slides open to easily dispense treats with one hand. The rigid container protects treats from crushing and can be clipped to a dog leash.

Big Heart is advertising this “convenient, portable, and mess-free” dog treat dispenser to use on walks and hikes, your backyard and parks, on road trips and vacations, and for training your pet.

Considering consumers are always taking their dogs on the go, there is surprisingly little when it comes to single-serve or on-the-go packaging. A few brands provide individually wrapped dog bones or treats, but most brands sell their pet treats in large boxes, pouches, or plastic canisters not suited to using away from home.

Traditional Pet Treat Packaging:

On the Go Dog Treat Dispenser

  Individually Wrapped Pet Treats:

On the Go Dog Treat Dispenser

Zuke’s    Purina   Greenies    Blue Buffalo

As a result, most consumers are forced to come up with their own solution. Most often they keep a few dog treats in their pocket – which only leads to a crumbly mess discovered a day or two later. Some consumers purchase secondary products designed to take pet treats on the go. There are many drawstring or velcro bags available to fill with pet treats and carry with you while walking your pet.

On the Go Dog Treat Dispenser

Sierra Trading Post Red Traveler Food Kit     The Container Store Pet Travel-Tainer      Drawstring Treat Pouch

Some consumers go one step further with their pet treat gadgets. There are a number of specialty items that incorporate treat containers into leashes or ask that the dog-owner wear a belt or fanny pack to carry treats with them.

On the Go Dog Treat Dispenser

Leash Plus     Outward Hound LeashMate    Doog Mini Belt    Paws Galore Fanny Pack

As you can see, pet treat brands offer little-to-no on-brand solutions away from home and most consumers are forced to find a secondary, or even homemade solution.

How do you take pet treats on the go?