Packaging Innovation Round-up: Wine On-the-Go

Portable Wine Packaging Innovation Round-Up

Oenophiles on the go have a lot to be excited about in recent years. Portable wine packaging has made significant strides in offering better wine packaging solutions that can be traveled with and consumed away from home. For example, starting this month several major league baseball stadiums started offering Fetzer Crimson wine in single-serve PET wine glasses for the first time.

Here’s a round-up of 8 packaging solutions that are helping wine-lovers enjoy their drink of choice away from home:

1. Zipz Wine and Fetzer Crimson teamed up to bring single-serve PET wine glasses to Major League baseball fans.

2. Oneglass is a single-use, individual serving of wine in a pouch. The perfect solution for wine-for-one, and an easily transportable packaging solution. Oneglass is currently available in France, Italy, and Japan.

3. Bandit Wines offers a re-sealable juicebox that is available in 1 liter and 500mL sizes. The light, portable, and unbreakable solution is perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures.

4. Many brands of wine, such as Black Swan Vineyards, offer the original single serve wine option, the mini bottle.

5. Le Froglet and Wine Innovations came together to provide a glass of wine on the go – complete with a PET stemmed wine glass.

6. Nuvino has recently launched wine in a resealable pouch, or “wine without excess baggage”. The new single-serve pouch provides a way for individuals to enjoy a small serving of wine without needing to open up a whole bottle.

7. Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktail Pouches are the perfect solution for any summer night. The pouch was designed to be frozen, then taken with you to serve slushy wine cocktails wherever you are. They also offer mixed drinks, like margaritas and pina coladas, in the frozen pouch form-factor.

8. Stack Wine provides a way to share wine among friends on-the-go. The shrink sleeve peels off to reveal 4 individual servings of wine that come with their own PET stemless wine glass.


Which one of these new portable wine packaging innovations would you like to try?

Wet Wipes Packaging Gets Decorative for the Home

There’s no doubt that when a consumer can see a product, they will use it more often.

Many wet wipes companies are taking this idea to heart and are rolling out new packaging solutions that encourage consumers to leave them out, not tucked away in a drawer or cabinet.

Huggies Designer Tub

Last week it was announced that the Huggies Designer Tub by Kimberly-Clark won the 2014 Product of the Year award in the Baby Care category from the Product of the Year USA group, which is an award given by consumers. The Designer Tub comes in a variety of appealing colors and patterns, and the tub can be left flat on the ground, like the traditional baby wipes tub, or can stand up on it’s side.


Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes Dispenser

It seems that personal care wipes aren’t just for babies anymore. We continue to see flushable moist wipes for adults on retail shelves. Cottonelle recently launched a sleek container meant to stand on the back of a toilet. The departure from the traditional baby-wipes-style tub provides discretion and invites the package to be left out for regular use.


Picasso Wipes Dispenser

Perimeter Brand Packaging provides CPGs with a sleek oval tub for wet wipes called Picasso. The package is a visually appealing tub for wipes that encourages the consumers to leave the wipes out so they are always within reach. Picasso is an ideal solution for beauty or personal care wipes. The full-color in-mold label allows for core brand reinforcement, as well as seasonally themed patterns.

To learn more about Picasso click here.

Currently we’re seeing a lot of packaging differentiation in the baby wipes and cleaning wipes space when it comes to structural innovation. Would you leave wet wipes out to use within your bathroom? Or do you prefer them to be put away?

Packaging Solutions that Measure Up

Packaging that does the work for you. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

While we might be a long way away from the packaging cleaning the kitchen floor for you, the packaging industry has certainly made strides in other ways.

New packaging solutions come with built-in measuring and dispensing technology so consumers no longer have to use a separate device to measure out the amount of needed product.

A new product, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a multi-purpose cleaner launched this year on January 1, 2014 with a massive cleanup in New York City’s Times Square. According to P&G, “the unique auto-stop cap ensures that you get the right amount of product you need to clean.”

See the auto-stop cap in action:

Also found in the household cleaners aisle is the Libman Freedom hardwood floor cleaner.

Since the Libman concentrated cleaner is poured into a spray mop, exact measurements are needed. The squeeze-top bottle allows consumers to “just a quick squeeze for the perfect dose”, which can be poured from the measuring cap.

See the Libman squeeze-top in action:

We have our own solution called Freehand, a “measure as you pour” device. Freehand allows you to measure how much liquid is being poured out by the use of a clear indicator. The consumer can easily dispense the recommended quantity of product, or adjust to their personal preferences.


See Freehand in action:

While they might not replace your chores, solutions that help consumers measure and dispense product are just one way that packaging can make life easier.

Do you know of other packaging solutions that have built-in measuring technology?