Packaging Finds a Home in Car Cup Holders

car cup packaging

Earlier this month fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) launched their new KFC GO Cup – designed to fit in 83% of car cup holders. While it’s not a new concept, it’s one with a sizeable marketing campaign behind it.

More and more brands are acutely aware of the growing On the Go lifestyle their consumers have, and are developing new products to make sure their brand are not being left at home. Designing a solution around the car cup holder is a path many brands choose in hopes of breaking through from “have-it-at-home” to “need-it-on-the-road”.

Here are 8 packaging solutions we think are doing cup holder packaging right:

1. The KFC Go Cup lets consumers choose from five different ways to fill up their Go Cup – from hot wings to potato wedges. Providing, what they call, “the perfect on the go snack”.

2. Following suit to the Go-Pak! cups from Nabisco (available in Mini Oreos and Mini Cheese Nips), Kellogg’s began offering Cheez-It snacks and Fudge Stripes original cookies in a grab-and-go snack cup earlier this year.

3. Spic and Span offers their consumers a cup holder size canister for specialty wet wipes made for leather car interior and seats.

4. Eclipse is just one of many chewing gum brands that have ensured a dedicated place in the car with the popular flip-top canister solution.

5. While retaining a small bit resemblance to the classic square cardboard cube, Puff’s tissues specifically call out it’s new “Car Cup” with an icon and special labeling in case consumers don’t make the connection.

6. Sani-Hands for Kids wet wipes provide car-pooling parents with an on the go car cup for easy access to anti-bacterial wipes while out and about.

7. Similar to the chewing gum canisters that populate the grocery store check-out lines, Hall Cough Drops can now be found in a similar packaging solution available in the pharmacy section.

8. Another solution targeting parents with young children, Super Puffs by Plum Organic Baby as designed to fit within the car cup holder. Bonus: It seamlessly transfers from car to stroller cup holder for added on-the-go functionality.

The car cup holder – it’s not just for drinks anymore. Do you have a favorite product you would you like to see in your car cup holder?

Olives Move Out of the Glass Jar with New On the Go Packaging

In the last month two leading olive brands have taken their product on the go. Olives, a snack food well-known for living in a glass-jar or the Mediterranean bar at Whole Foods, are ready to go on the road.

Olives on the go Packaging

Pearl’s Takes Olives to Go

Recently, the Musco Family Olive Co., a leading branded supplier of table olives in America, launched their new Olives to Go! single-serve packaging cup.

A departure from the traditional glass jar, the snack-cups are ready to eat and will create less mess because they are liquid-free. While olives are not traditionally included in the lunchbox, perhaps the launch, which coincides with the back-to-school season, seem to that in mind.

“Perfect for lunchboxes, gym bags, desk drawers, and afterschool snacking,” says the brand in the product launch press release. See the Pearl’s Olives to Go press release here.

But Pearl’s isn’t the only brand that have recently decided that olives have a place outside the home.

Oloves gives their Portable Olive Pouch a Refresh

Oloves, a UK based company, has recently relaunched their martinated olives in a portable stand-up pouch.

Formerly in a foil pouch, the brand has refreshed their single-serve olive packaging to a stand-up gusseted pouch that stands up and stands out on shelf.

“The company is targeting new channels like Convenience and on-the-go lunches to open up new markets to this low calorie, high taste snack,” says the company to PackagingDigest.

“We’re introducing Oloves as an alternative healthy alternative to be sold in the same trays, baskets and snacking sections as you would find the usual snack products,” says Matt Hunt, founder and CEO of Oloves.

Packed Loose without the Juice

While the olives on-the-go concept may be finally moving catching on, it’s by no means a new concept to the market. Mario Camacho Food’s launched this single-serve snack pouch of olives in 2011.

Will you be taking olives with you as a new on the go snack?