Easy Dispensing Solutions Provide Easy Access to Personal Care Products

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Few people have a rigid morning beauty regiment. For most people, using personal care products are an afterthought as they are rushing to the next task of their day. Because of this, personal care products should be easy to open and quick to use. Here’s a round-up of six personal care products that provide a easy dispensing solutions.

1. This hair care product from Garnier Fructis comes equipped with an easy open lid. The lid has winged sides to make the product easier to grip and open with wet hands.

2. A new line of sunscreen from Sun Bum comes in an easy-grip textured bottles so the product doesn’t slip out of slick or sweaty hands.

3. The new no-mess powder spray from Gold Bond makes this classic product easier to dispense and accurately apply.

4. Maybelline’s Age Rewind eraser comes with a soft-touch application tip for easy and comfortable product application directly to the face.

5. The new spray-and-go lotions from Vaseline provide easy dispensing and quick application.

6. Lifestyle’s personal lubricant is available with an easy dispensing pump providing product control and less mess.

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Easy Dispensing Packaging for Household Products


Oftentimes, household products are messy and hard to use. That can be particularly problematic when dealing with solutions that contain chemicals or other substances.

Here’s a round-up of products that provide easy dispensing solutions when it comes to household products.

1. Method’s new power foam sprayer for dish soap provides an easy way to target tough spots on spots and pans.

2. Persil laundry detergent, a Unilever product in the U.K. and Ireland, comes with an easy dispensing closure and a stain eraser ball.

3. Concentrated Arm & Hammer laundry detergent has an easy-pour handle molded into the bottle to help with more accurate dispensing.

4. Scott’s grass seed spreader provides pre-filled pouches that simply snap into place to take all the mess and guesswork out of lawn work.

5. Libman’s squeeze and measure closure provides measured doses of floor cleaner to prevent consumers from using too much product.

6. EZ Grill provides charcoal in ready-to-burn packets to provide quick measurements and less mess for your next barbeque.

We’re always looking for packaging inspiration. Check out more of our favorite Easy Dispensing packaging solutions on Pinterest.