Sweeteners Converting to Popular On the Go Packaging Form Factor

It’s no secret that on-the-go liquid beverage concentrates have taken the supermarket aisles by storm. We posted about the game-changing Mio Liquid Water Enhancer, and the additions of major brands like Crystal Light, Dasani, Crush Soda Pop, and Kool Aid who have since followed suit, earlier this spring.

Now this popular packaging configuration is popping up in another sweet spot of the grocery store – the baking goods aisle.

sweetener1. Stop and Shop 2. Ez sweetz 3. Nevella 4. iSweet’n 5. Skinnygirl

A number of private label artificial sweetener brands can now be found in this miniature packaging form factor. We first noticed it earlier this summer in our local Stop and Shop market – where they debuted liquid sweetener solutions in the forms of sodium saccharin, stevia extract and sucralose.

EZ Sweetz, iSweet’n and Nevella, are all private label sweetener companies, who are also offering their trademark products in the new form factor.

Also recently spotted – Real Housewife of New York and Celebrity Cook Bethenny Franklin has applied the same treatment to her well-known Skinnygirl brand.

“I love that the liquid bottles are less than 2 ounces — small enough that you can throw them in your purse for when you pick up a to-go coffee or have a drink with your girlfriends,” said Franklin during the product launch in August 2013.

How long until we see one of the big three – Sweet ‘n Low, Splenda, or Equal – or perhaps even Domino Sugar, make their debut?

Back to School: Backpack-worthy Packaging Products

It’s that time of year again – new Levis jeans, grocery carts filled with folders and notebooks, and your morning commute just got a bit longer now that those yellow school buses are making their morning rounds again.


With the back-to-school season happening in full-force, we’re sharing a round-up of our favorite on-the-go products we think earn a home in your child’s backpack or school locker.

1. The Kleenex Slim Wallet Pack is an ultra slim pack of Kleenex tissues that folds in half to a convenient size for pockets or backpacks. The Slim Pack is available in a number of stylish designs and patterns

2. The O.B. Travel Case is a discreet travel case for three O.B. tampons. The crush-proof case is refillable and will hide easily in a small pocket or the palm of your hand.

3. Whether you’ve just left gym class or need to freshen up, Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets will come in handy. The ultra-small 50 pack comes with a pop-up sheet dispenser.

4. The Pebble on-the-go wipes dispenser is perfect for whenever you need antibacterial wet wipes or beauty wipes throughout the school day. Plus it will fit easily into a backpack or pocket. Pebble’s not available yet in market, but can be seen at Perimeterbp.com/Pebble.

5. Gatorade’s G2 Powder Sticks are a great addition for athletes staying after school for intermural sports or school team practices. A fraction the size of the bottled drink, the G2 powder sticks can be mixed water in a reusable bottle.

6. If you’re running late to the bus, or need a mid-morning snack between classes, Emerald’s Breakfast On the Go! single-use pouch packs a healthy punch of granola, nuts and dried fruits.

7. Purell 2 GO mini bottles of hand sanitizer gel are perfect for keeping students healthy all day long. The rubber carrier allows the bottle to easily attach it to the outside of a backpack for easy access.

8. IceBreakers mints are in a crush-proof carrying case that has dual dispensing tabs – one side is meant for sharing and one side is just for you. It’s the perfect way to share mints with classmates at the lunch table.

9. Neosporin’s Neo to Go! pocket spray pump or single use packets are another perfect backpack addition for when students are out on the sports field or riding the bus.

What do you think is the perfect on-the-go packaging product to add to your child’s backpack?