New Portable Package Shakes Up Powdered Beverages Category

Perimeter’s new packaging solution for powder drink mix, BlenderPak, increases usage occasions, on-the-go consumption and stands-out on shelf

BlenderPak_1NORTHBOROUGH, MA, May 28, 2014 – Perimeter Brand Packaging has announced the launch of BlenderPak, an on-the-go solution for consumers who use powder drink mix products. Based on extensive consumer research, BlenderPak is designed to increase new usage occasions and invite more users to the powder category. BlenderPak is a patent pending single-serve, just-add-water package with a rigid fitment inside that acts both as a gripping structure and mixing ball.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for on-the-go products. The only portable solution for many powdered products are small on-the-go powder sticks the consumer needs to add to a water bottle. But, adding powder to water is not the best mixing method. It’s better to start with the powder and then add water for a well-mixed beverage. This led us to design this new breakthrough product,” said Steve Callahan, President of Perimeter Brand Packaging. “BlenderPak provides powder users a way to drink a fresh, cold drink whenever and wherever they want. While ready-to-drink shakes are convenient, keeping them cold all day, while on the go, is a challenge.”

BlenderPak is an ideal solution for many powdered products that need to be mixed with water, such as protein, meal replacement, nutraceuticals, sugared beverages, and other powdered mix products. The unique MixingMeshTM technology helps break up the clumps of powder and deliver a smooth shake. The pouch is pre-filled with one serving of powder, so the consumer only needs to fill it with water, shake and drink.BlenderPak_3

“Anyone who drinks powdered mixes will tell you that a clumpy beverage is a terrible experience,” said Callahan. “The MixingMeshTM technology makes sure consumers have a smooth beverage every time.”

In the development and consumer insights process, Perimeter worked with active protein powder consumers in both the concept and final design verification phases. The reaction from consumers was clear – consumers want to make healthy choices and they say the convenience of BlenderPak will help them do that. There’s good news for brands too. Consumers said because BlenderPak is convenient, they would drink these powdered mixes more often and in more places.

“There have been times when I’ve forgotten my blender bottle and craved the protein, but I just skipped it” said one consumer. “If I had something like this, I’d probably drink protein seven times a week [versus just a few].”

In conjunction with ORC International, a global market research firm, Perimeter’s Consumer Insights team conducted a study among 1000 consumers, in addition to one-on-one sessions with fifty heavy protein powder users who tried the product.

BlenderPak_2The study revealed that 66% of powder users drink the product away from home at least four times a week. Consumers revealed five ideal elements they want for taking powder away from home:

  1. Eliminate the measuring scoop
  2. No mess or clean-up
  3. Mix it well (minimize the clumps of powder)
  4. Make the shake cold, regardless of time and place
  5. Make it a portable solution

“Convenience is king for consumers,” said Callahan. “BlenderPak is an easy way for powder brands to reach consumers and make it easier to consume their products away from home.”

BlenderPak is a market-ready packaging solution. Perimeter will be engaging with leading brands to commercialize this new-to-world solution. Perimeter Brand Packaging will be demonstrating BlenderPak at the Ingredients Marketplace show in New York City and Global Pouch Forum in Fort Lauderdale, where Callahan will be speaking. To arrange a meeting or learn more visit

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Packaging Solutions that Measure Up

Packaging that does the work for you. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

While we might be a long way away from the packaging cleaning the kitchen floor for you, the packaging industry has certainly made strides in other ways.

New packaging solutions come with built-in measuring and dispensing technology so consumers no longer have to use a separate device to measure out the amount of needed product.

A new product, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a multi-purpose cleaner launched this year on January 1, 2014 with a massive cleanup in New York City’s Times Square. According to P&G, “the unique auto-stop cap ensures that you get the right amount of product you need to clean.”

See the auto-stop cap in action:

Also found in the household cleaners aisle is the Libman Freedom hardwood floor cleaner.

Since the Libman concentrated cleaner is poured into a spray mop, exact measurements are needed. The squeeze-top bottle allows consumers to “just a quick squeeze for the perfect dose”, which can be poured from the measuring cap.

See the Libman squeeze-top in action:

We have our own solution called Freehand, a “measure as you pour” device. Freehand allows you to measure how much liquid is being poured out by the use of a clear indicator. The consumer can easily dispense the recommended quantity of product, or adjust to their personal preferences.


See Freehand in action:

While they might not replace your chores, solutions that help consumers measure and dispense product are just one way that packaging can make life easier.

Do you know of other packaging solutions that have built-in measuring technology?

Packaging Finds a Home in Car Cup Holders

car cup packaging

Earlier this month fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) launched their new KFC GO Cup – designed to fit in 83% of car cup holders. While it’s not a new concept, it’s one with a sizeable marketing campaign behind it.

More and more brands are acutely aware of the growing On the Go lifestyle their consumers have, and are developing new products to make sure their brand are not being left at home. Designing a solution around the car cup holder is a path many brands choose in hopes of breaking through from “have-it-at-home” to “need-it-on-the-road”.

Here are 8 packaging solutions we think are doing cup holder packaging right:

1. The KFC Go Cup lets consumers choose from five different ways to fill up their Go Cup – from hot wings to potato wedges. Providing, what they call, “the perfect on the go snack”.

2. Following suit to the Go-Pak! cups from Nabisco (available in Mini Oreos and Mini Cheese Nips), Kellogg’s began offering Cheez-It snacks and Fudge Stripes original cookies in a grab-and-go snack cup earlier this year.

3. Spic and Span offers their consumers a cup holder size canister for specialty wet wipes made for leather car interior and seats.

4. Eclipse is just one of many chewing gum brands that have ensured a dedicated place in the car with the popular flip-top canister solution.

5. While retaining a small bit resemblance to the classic square cardboard cube, Puff’s tissues specifically call out it’s new “Car Cup” with an icon and special labeling in case consumers don’t make the connection.

6. Sani-Hands for Kids wet wipes provide car-pooling parents with an on the go car cup for easy access to anti-bacterial wipes while out and about.

7. Similar to the chewing gum canisters that populate the grocery store check-out lines, Hall Cough Drops can now be found in a similar packaging solution available in the pharmacy section.

8. Another solution targeting parents with young children, Super Puffs by Plum Organic Baby as designed to fit within the car cup holder. Bonus: It seamlessly transfers from car to stroller cup holder for added on-the-go functionality.

The car cup holder – it’s not just for drinks anymore. Do you have a favorite product you would you like to see in your car cup holder?