Packaging Roundup: Brands Use Packaging to Boast Protein

Bodybuilders have long been the target audience for protein, but in recent years the market has opened up to the everyman. The average consumer is more aware of the benefits of protein than they were a few years ago and, as a result, there are new faces in the world of protein: The Dieter, the Fitness Focused, and the Office Worker.

In the last year, brands have been emphasizing protein benefits in a major way. Even the Wall Street Journal published an article about the trend of protein: When the Box Says ‘Protein,’ Shoppers Say ‘I’ll Take It’. Sometimes brands will alter a product’s ingredient makeup to provide more protein, like the new Cheerio’s Protein cereal, and many other times the brand simply visually emphasizes how much protein the product already contains, like So Delicious Almond Milk.

Trend: Protein in PackagingWhile developing BlenderPak at Perimeter, we worked with a lot of consumers who actively use protein powder. It became apparent that consumers are looking for easy and convenient ways to incorporate protein into their life.

We also learned that 66% of consumers who actively use protein powder use it away from home. This led to the development of BlenderPak – a portable protein shake packaging solution that offers consumers a no-mess, just-add-water solution for taking protein powder away from home.


How do you take your protein on the go?


Puff’s Tissues Launches SoftPack, and Other Out-of-the-Box Brands

via Puff’s Facebook Page

“The flexible new pack that fits anywhere.”

Puff’s Tissue has decided to think outside of the box with their new SoftPack product – a traditional “box” of tissues in flexible pouch packaging. Travel-size packets of tissues have long been sold in flexible material, but this is the first time we’ve seen a full-size box of tissues escape the traditional cardboard box.

The SoftPack can squish into smaller spaces – like the pocket of a car door, the glove compartment, the bottom of a backpack, or a diaper bag. The traditional cardboard tissue box can get crumpled, squashed, or even wet, when it’s used away from home. The new SoftPack will help protect tissues while on the go and help consumers store them in small or convenient locations.

Puff’s SoftPack isn’t the only product to kick the classic cardboard box to the curb in favor of flexible packaging. While many products have made the switch to pouches, most of those products are liquid-based. We haven’t seen a lot of change-over in the dry-goods space until now.

While it may not be the new standard, we are seeing many brands offers products, historically available in a cardboard box, in the new flexible packaging form factors.

Brands move classic box packaging to new innovative flexible packaging form factors

What products do you use that have moved from a cardboard box to a pouch?


Packaging Innovation Round-Up: Mixed Drinks On the Go

Last week we shared a round-up of innovative packaging solutions that are inviting consumers to take wine on-the-go. Similar to the wine category, many brands that sell shots, mixed drinks, and cocktails are also providing consumers with portable ways to mix drinks.

Here’s a round-up of 7 packaging solutions that provide consumers with the ability to consume liquor or mix drinks away from home:

Innovative Mixed Drinks Packaging Solutions

1. LIQs is targeting millenials with these premium ready-to-drink shots available in four flavors, such as Vodka Lychee Grapefruit. A peel-off lid and 50mL plastic shotglass makes this an easily portable solution.

2. Triple Crown whiskey is one of the first leading brands to offer their product in a single-serve pouch. Also offering a way to precisely measure, the pouches are available in single-shot and double shot sizes. According to their website, “now you can grip, rip and sip your favorite single serve cocktails with ease.”

3. With a familiar pop-top, BuzzBallz Mixed Drinks offers consumers a fun, plastic bubble-like can. The packaging innovation is being touted as unbreakable, freezable, and also floatable – a perfect addition to summer water activities.

4. Funkin Mixers resealable pouches offer mixed drink novices an easy way to create their favorite drinks without a bartender. In some locations, Funkin Peach Bellini pouches are being sold as a trial item attached to bottles of champagne so consumers can try to product for free.

5. Many brands of mixed drinks, including Cordina, Parrot Bay, and Smirnoff, are offering their product in these ready-to-drink, freezable, and portable direct-to-mouth pouches.

6. Shotpak Cocktails takes all the guesswork out of making mixed drinks. These ready-to-drink shots are available in single-serve pouches with a tear-off lid, making it an easily portable packaging solution.

7. PocketShot provides another portable and precisely measured way for consumers to mix drinks easily away from home.

Would you try any of these packaging solutions for mixed drinks?