Packaging Flavor Enhancers Move Beyond Water


Water Flavor Enhancers Packaging


Last spring we posted about On the Go Water Flavor Enhancers and wondered who the next brand would be to launch in the space. Perhaps we should have asked which brand wouldn’t be joining the space.

After a recent trip to our local grocer, it was apparent that the category has exploded – with retailers devoting several feet of prime eye-level shelving to it.

The category started with Kraft’s MIO Liquid Water Enhancer and has since spread from fruit drinks to iced tea to energy drinks. The category has even extended to artificial sweeteners. Due to the rapid success and growth rate of the category it shouldn’t come as any surprise that 2014 was the year that flavor enhancers moved beyond water.

Flavor Enhancers Move Beyond Water : Packaging

MilkSplash “makes drinking milk awesome!” with its kid-friendly packaging and flavors like Cookies n’ Cream, Jammin’ Banana, and Cocoa Loco. They’ve even created the portable packaging into miniature characters like Sir Swirl, a pink mustached strawberry flavored creature. MilkSplash can be added to cereal, milkshakes, smoothies, or a plain old glass of milk for added fun. Clearly developed in hopes of persuading kids to drink more milk, the packaging is easy to use, portable, and can be easily tossed into a lunchbox or backpack.

Flavor Enhancers Move Beyond Water : Packaging

MilkSplash was launched in March 2014 by S&D Beverage Innovations.

“We’re defining a new category of highly concentrated liquid milk flavorings, and offering more choices than kids have ever had before,” said John Buckner, vice president of marketing at S&D, in the launch press release. “Chocolate and strawberry syrups and powders have been among the limited options for adults and kids alike – until now.”

While this new entry into the land of flavor enhancers may be for kids, the next two are clearly directed towards adults.

Flavor Enhancers Move Beyond Water : Packaging

Last year OnTap Beer, a Colorado-based startup launched their own non-alcoholic liquid beer enhancers. OnTap flavor enhancers were created to help make ordinary beers taste more like craft beers. In the age of customization, OnTap argues that flavor enhancers are easier for crowd pleasing than trying to purchase a range of beers to meet everyone’s preferred taste.

OnTap launched in two flavors, American Ale and Pale Ale. The hand-held packaging is portable and pocket-sized, easily brought to a ball game, a party, or poolside.  Flavor Enhancers Move Beyond Water : Packaging But the newest face to the world of flavor enhancers is a caffeinated one. Folgers Coffee launched a new line of liquid flavor coffee enhancers in September 2014.

Flavor Enhancers Move Beyond Water : Packaging

“The ability to customize a perfect cup of coffee isn’t just a luxury found only in coffee shops,” said Maribeth Burns, Vice President Corporate Communications, The J.M. Smucker Company in the press release announcing the product launch. “Folgers Flavors are designed for at-home and on-the-go coffee fans to enjoy a personalized coffee experience every time.”

Folgers Flavors are available in four flavors: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel and Mocha.

Flavor Enhancers Move Beyond Water : Packaging

Water, milk, beer and coffee. Where will liquid flavor enhancers go next?

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