Packaging Roundup: Brands Use Packaging to Boast Protein

Bodybuilders have long been the target audience for protein, but in recent years the market has opened up to the everyman. The average consumer is more aware of the benefits of protein than they were a few years ago and, as a result, there are new faces in the world of protein: The Dieter, the Fitness Focused, and the Office Worker.

In the last year, brands have been emphasizing protein benefits in a major way. Even the Wall Street Journal published an article about the trend of protein: When the Box Says ‘Protein,’ Shoppers Say ‘I’ll Take It’. Sometimes brands will alter a product’s ingredient makeup to provide more protein, like the new Cheerio’s Protein cereal, and many other times the brand simply visually emphasizes how much protein the product already contains, like So Delicious Almond Milk.

Trend: Protein in PackagingWhile developing BlenderPak at Perimeter, we worked with a lot of consumers who actively use protein powder. It became apparent that consumers are looking for easy and convenient ways to incorporate protein into their life.

We also learned that 66% of consumers who actively use protein powder use it away from home. This led to the development of BlenderPak – a portable protein shake packaging solution that offers consumers a no-mess, just-add-water solution for taking protein powder away from home.


How do you take your protein on the go?


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