Puff’s Tissues Launches SoftPack, and Other Out-of-the-Box Brands

via Puff’s Facebook Page

“The flexible new pack that fits anywhere.”

Puff’s Tissue has decided to think outside of the box with their new SoftPack product – a traditional “box” of tissues in flexible pouch packaging. Travel-size packets of tissues have long been sold in flexible material, but this is the first time we’ve seen a full-size box of tissues escape the traditional cardboard box.

The SoftPack can squish into smaller spaces – like the pocket of a car door, the glove compartment, the bottom of a backpack, or a diaper bag. The traditional cardboard tissue box can get crumpled, squashed, or even wet, when it’s used away from home. The new SoftPack will help protect tissues while on the go and help consumers store them in small or convenient locations.

Puff’s SoftPack isn’t the only product to kick the classic cardboard box to the curb in favor of flexible packaging. While many products have made the switch to pouches, most of those products are liquid-based. We haven’t seen a lot of change-over in the dry-goods space until now.

While it may not be the new standard, we are seeing many brands offers products, historically available in a cardboard box, in the new flexible packaging form factors.

Brands move classic box packaging to new innovative flexible packaging form factors

What products do you use that have moved from a cardboard box to a pouch?


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