Packaging Solutions that Measure Up

Packaging that does the work for you. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

While we might be a long way away from the packaging cleaning the kitchen floor for you, the packaging industry has certainly made strides in other ways.

New packaging solutions come with built-in measuring and dispensing technology so consumers no longer have to use a separate device to measure out the amount of needed product.

A new product, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a multi-purpose cleaner launched this year on January 1, 2014 with a massive cleanup in New York City’s Times Square. According to P&G, “the unique auto-stop cap ensures that you get the right amount of product you need to clean.”

See the auto-stop cap in action:

Also found in the household cleaners aisle is the Libman Freedom hardwood floor cleaner.

Since the Libman concentrated cleaner is poured into a spray mop, exact measurements are needed. The squeeze-top bottle allows consumers to “just a quick squeeze for the perfect dose”, which can be poured from the measuring cap.

See the Libman squeeze-top in action:

We have our own solution called Freehand, a “measure as you pour” device. Freehand allows you to measure how much liquid is being poured out by the use of a clear indicator. The consumer can easily dispense the recommended quantity of product, or adjust to their personal preferences.


See Freehand in action:

While they might not replace your chores, solutions that help consumers measure and dispense product are just one way that packaging can make life easier.

Do you know of other packaging solutions that have built-in measuring technology?

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