Innovating to find the Sweet Spot in Sugar Packaging

Innovating to find the Sweet Spot in Sugar Packaging - Domino Pourable Sugar Bottle

The baking aisle, an area of the grocery store historically dominated by paper bags, continues to churn out unique and innovative packaging solutions.

This month Domino sugar, a leading U.S. brand in the sugar category, released a new table-friendly, flip-top-lid packaging solution earlier this month. The bottle is ergonomically shaped for easy gripping and aims to replace the sugar bowl. The new canister was also released in the C&H Sugar brand, which is  primarily sold in the western United States.

“As we continue to focus on the needs of our consumers, we are certain that these well-designed bottles are a convenient and attractive sweetener solution,” explains Domino Foods president and CEO Brian O’Malley.  “The tall and graceful shape fits securely in the hand, allowing the consumer to easily open and dispense the sugar directly onto their food or into drinks, without needing the help of an additional spoon. In addition, the patent-pending flip-top lid snaps shut, preserving the freshness of this trusted product.”

This unique bottle-shape joins the on-the-go sweeteners we wrote about as sugar packaging that stands out and provides brand differentiation on-shelf in the baking aisle.

Domino is  no stranger to innovating in the category. Just a few years ago the brand launched a re-fillable 4-lb. canister with a lid.

Innovating to find the Sweet Spot in Sugar Packaging - Domino Sugar Packaging

But Domino isn’t the first brand hoping to replace the sugar bowl. Truvia, a sweetener, debuted a sugar-bowl-like rigid packaging solution in 2010.

Innovating to find the Sweet Spot in Sugar Packaging - Truvia Packaging

Organic and specialty sugars tend to be provided in pouches with a re-sealable top. Truvia innovates again in this category, being one of the only brands who adds a spout for pouring.


We can also look outside the U.S. sugar market to find innovation. Such as the easy dispensing “pour and store” jug from leading Australian sugar provider CSR, an easy-to-pour packaging similar to a milk carton from Swiss sugar brand Cukier Królewski, or the small rigid tabletop packaging from Thailand all shown below.


Another unique option is the Redi-Measure pouches from Imperial Sugar, a U.S. sugar producer in the Southern states. One box comes with 12 pre-measured packets that each contain 1/4 cup of firmly packed brown sugar.

Interestingly enough, we’ve seen very little innovation cross-over to the other leader of the baking goods aisle – flour.

What packaging innovation do you think will come next for sugar and other baking ingredients?

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